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Sprouts Farmers Market - "Official Bottle Water of WYLLL"

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Savanna High School Head Varsity Baseball Coach and Director of All American Baseball School Rick Parmenter, and a staff of various Orange County High School Varsity Baseball Coaches, will instruct the fundamentals of the game.

Dates: July 24 – July 28
9:00am – 2:00pm
WYLLL Fields @ Veteran’s Park
Only $150 for the week

For more information, download the Camp Flyer.

Click here to register for the camp


2017 All Stars Team Announced

By Admin 06/07/2017, 12:45am PDT

Congratulations to the following players for being selected to the 2017 West Yorba Linda All-Stars teams. Tournament games start June 24th.  Watch this page for schedule updates.

12 Year Old Team

- Dane Abbott
- Christian Hong
- Justin Huff
- Bryce Ishiguro
- Austin Kang
- Andrew Loughran
- Xander Ludwig
- Jayden Parrilla
- Jacob Schatzman
- Jason Stefanek
- Jake VaVerka
- Bradley Wakefield
- Connor Wehner

10-11 Year Old Team

- Gavin Abbott
- Caleb Alberto
- Owen Cho
- Gavin Futterer
- Wyatt Gladue
- Seth Huante
- Payton Randolph
- Jake Ridenour
- Chase Stefanek
- Jameson Van Ness
- Jonathon Van Ness
- Ryan Zavala

8-10 Year Old Team

- Jacob Alvarez
- Cody Curtis
- Jace DeJong
- Travis Frazier
- Aiden Jeske
- Collin Kim
- Mason Kim
- Thomas Knutson
- Mason Poulsen
- Max Ramshaw
- Will Rooney
- Vaughn Sharp
- Adam Tway

TOC and City Tournament Schedules Updated

By Admin 06/03/2017, 12:45am PDT

Juniors TOC


Majors TOC


Majors City Tournament


AAA City Tournament


AA City Tournament

Board Volunteers Needed

By Admin 05/29/2017, 3:00pm PDT

West Yorba Linda LL is looking for enthusiastic parents to become part of the 2017-2018 Board of Directors. Little Baseball is a volunteer organization that relies heavily on the support of its members. We are currently looking for new board members who are passionate and eager to help support the league while continuing to provide an avenue for our kids to play Little League Baseball.

The open board positions include:

  • Treasurer
  • Player Agent
  • Safety Officer
  • Umpire-in- Chief
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Snack Shack Coordinator
  • Ways and Means (Sponsors)


You can find more information about the various board positions here.

Any person(s) interested in learning more about the positions listed above and/or the responsibility associated with becoming a West Yorba Linda Little League Board Member should contact Brian Gladue, President or Kyle Schneider, Vice-President, no later than June 15, 2017.

Little League Dads Baseball Challenge

By Admin 05/28/2017, 5:30pm PDT

We are pleased to introduce West Yorba Linda Little League’s first inaugural Little League Dads Baseball Challenge!

We have seen so many of you dads out there with great arms, or that can really swing a bat.  You have been putting in the work alongside your sons all season long, and are feeling the itch to get out there and play.

Well, here is your chance, and it will benefit the league.  You have an opportunity to show off your long ball power in the Home Run Derby and play some real live baseball against other dads in the league.

We will be starting the festivities Friday, June 9th at 6pm on the Senior Field with the Homerun Derby.  Right after we crown the home run champion, we will start the baseball game, most likely around 6:45.

The teams will be divided up based on who signs up, and we are hoping that we can add some competition by having teams formed based on the divisions your sons play in. The first 24 to sign-up (first 8 for Homerun Derby) will be guaranteed spots in the game and additional sign-ups will go on the alternate list.  The teams will be coached by little leaguers (3 for each team). 

If you are interested in taking some swings for the fences and/or playing in a real game, please sign-up here:

Hurry and Sign-up!

West Yorba Linda Little League

Casino Night - Thank you!

By Admin 05/11/2017, 12:00pm PDT

Thank you everybody who came out to our Casino Night fundraiser. Also, a huge thank you to all the parents and sponsors that donated items for the silent auction and raffle. The event was a huge success!

Important Baseball Bat Rule Update

By Admin 10/24/2016, 10:45pm PDT

Little League International is adopting a new bat policy beginning January 1, 2018. While this won't have an impact for the 2017 season, please be careful if you plan to purchase a bat and expect it to be used in Little League play beyond 2017.

Please click here to learn more about the coming bat rule changes.

New Board Members

By Admin 05/12/2016, 1:00pm PDT

Please join us in welcoming the new additions to the WYLLL Board:

  • Michele Alberto
  • Paul Huante
  • Scott Poulsen


  • Adam Jacoby
  • Kelly Ridenour


  • Will Jeske
  • Scott Van Ness 


Together with the returning Board Members, they have graciously volunteered their time to help provide our children with a memorable youth baseball experience. Without Board volunteers like them, we don't have a baseball league for our kids, so please congratulate and thank them the next time you see one of these volunteers at the field, or around town.

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