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Board Members

Interested in Joining the WYLLL Board of Directors?

If you are interested in serving your community and helping to make WYLLL even better, please fill out the application below.  Our Board will contact you after reviewing your application.  This may take up to 30 days. 

Board Member Application

If you have any questions, please email

Brian Miller


Susy Freeman

Snack Shack Coordinator and Social Media

Ryan Hervey

Umpire-in-Chief and Scheduler

Nick Markovsky

Uniforms Coordinator

Alex Trabazo

Equipment Manager and Training/Coaching Coordinator

Arliz Trabazo

Vice President

Won Koh

Safety Officer and AAA Player Agent

Albert Tovar

AA Player Agent

Michael Harman

50/70, Juniors, and Seniors Player Agent and Field Commissioner

Dr. Simon Chen

Single-A, 50/70, Juniors, and Seniors Player Agent

Elaine Moats

Sponsorships and Team Parent Coordinator

Allen Zakharin

Treasurer, T-ball and Minor A Player Agent

Deanna Moshfegh

Secretary, Snack Shack and Team Parent Coordinator

Brad Hamilton

League Information Officer

Mike Atwood

Field Commissioner

Jim Cardenas