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Safety Information

2022 Spring COVID19 Protocols

Safety is everyone’s responsibility at West Yorba Linda Little League. West Yorba Linda Little League has established a Safety Manual in accordance with the Little League Player Safety guidelines. Accidents are best prevented by following the rules of the Safety Manual. Volunteers, spectators, and visitors are encouraged to report any potential hazards to immediately so that corrections can be made to reduce the chance of accident or injury. The Board of Directors is always proactively seeking feedback on how to enhance safety and prevent accidents. Should an injury or accident occur, please use the resources below to email a report of the incident to within 24-48 hours of the incident. 

Manager/Coach Mandatory Training

Managers and Coaches must complete the Safe Sports Act and Concussion Training by March 1.  Please allow approximately one hour to complete both FREE courses. Email me the course completion certificate to the Safety Officer, Sean Durante at

Thank you to our partners at St. Jude Medical Center for their generous support to ensure the safety of our players.

Mandatory Safety Training
for ALL Managers and Coaches


Safety Manual

The Safety Manual is updated annually and is registered with Little League International. The Safety Manual is distributed to each Manager and posted in the Snack Shack. For questions regarding the Safety Manual, please contact the Safety Officer.


All injuries happening during a practice or game should be reported to the Safety Officer. The Injury Tracking Form should be completed and given to the Safety Officer within 24-48 hours of the incident.

Accident Reporting

Managers are responsible for reporting accidents or injuries to the League Safety Officer within 24-48 hours of the incident. Managers must: